Extra Curriculums in SMA N 3 Surakarta

Posted on January 19, 2009


SMA N 3 Surakarta has 16 extra curriculums. They are divided into Religion division, Interest division, Humanism division, and Marching division.

Religion division consists of three subdivisions. They are Rois (Kerohanian Islam), Rokat (Kerohanian Katolik), and Rokris (Kerohanian Kristen). The Religion division is also integrated with intra curriculum. Take part in this division increase your Religion mark. Some events held by this division are Breaking Fast Together (Rois), Zia rah (Rokat), and Bible Camp (Rokris).

The most favorite extra curriculum is in Interest division. It is divided into 6 divisions; KIR, Palasmaga, SSA, Study Theater, and Wikarya magazines.

KIR (Karya Ilmiah Remaja), with its motto “Tingkatkan Ilmu Raih Prestasi”, is divided into two groups; KIR Open Lab and KIR Aeromodeling.

KIR Open Lab concentrates on science experiments. Its activities such as Physical, Biological, Chemical experiments, and making scientific journals.

KIR Aeromodeling concentrates on making RC airplanes and helicopters. The students usually use Panasan airport to do their activities. This extra curriculum is very popular and earns a lot of awards.

Palasmaga (Pecinta Alam SMA N 3 Surakarta) is the most extremist activities among the others. Its famous activities are hiking and visiting difficult places to help people. The students who want to join this extra must have strong bodies.

Those students who like to do sport activities can enter Smaga Sport Association (SSA). Up to now, SSA wins a lot of sport competitions. SMA N 3 Surakarta has soccer, futsal, basketball, taekwondo, and badminton teams. Those kind of sports are popular among the students.

Kesnas (Kesenian Nasional) is another extra curriculum where the students can improve their skills in singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments.

Do you like to act? Study Theater is an extra curriculum to improve your acting. Its base camp is in Smaga Warung Miri.

The information source in Smaga is the motto of Wikarya, SMA N 3 Surakarta’s press division. Wikarya publishes the magazines every six months and the bulletins every three months. It is also responsible for making a memorial book once a year.

Humas, PMR, and Kopsis are three extra curriculum which the activities are for humanism. Humas (Hubungan Masyarakat) is a bridge between students, OSIS, teachers, and society. PMR (Palang Merah Remaja) concerns for health and blood donor. Kopsis (Koperasi Siswa) provides students daily needs in cheap prices.

The last division is Marching division: Pasukan 17, PKS, and Pasukan Inti. Pasukan 17 has duty to hold flag ceremonies. It has 17 members and is regenerated once a year. PKS stands for Patroli Keamanan Sekolah. Its duty is similar to the traffic police. The members are selected carefully and are trained by Surakarta’s police. Last, Pasukan Inti are trained by the military of Surakarta.

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