Pasar Gedhe Surakarta

Posted on January 19, 2009


Pasar Gedhe, the biggest traditional market in Surakarta, is located near Balaikota Surakarta. Pasar Gedhe is designed by mixing Javanese and Dutch style. It has two separated buildings, each of them consists of two floors. The first building are used by the greengrocers to sell their vegetables, foods, fruits, daily needs, and so on. The vegetables here are always fresh and good. We can bargain the price because this is a traditional market. We can find almost all kinds of vegetables and foods here. In certain area we can find “jajanan pasar” such as gethuk, klepon, dawet, etc. There are fish sellers on the second building. The displays of the aquarium are like sea world. There are different kind of fish with various prices. We can also find a discotheque on the second building.

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