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Posted on March 25, 2009



  • Bass : Tsui [gone : 2006]



Galneryus is a power metal band, fronted by the talented guitarist Syu together with other experienced and talented musicians from the Japanese metal scene.

YAMA-B‘s pronouncation of the English lyrics is close to perfect and the songs are full of Syu‘s impressive guitar solos. The bass tends to stay a little on the background and the drums are the typical, fast, power metal drums. The keyboards mostly add some orchestrated pieces to the songs.

It’s difficult to tell from their sound that they’re a Japanese band; instead they could pass for a European or American metal band and are often compared to bands like Sonata Artica or Stratovarius.

Author : Kay (2007-04-01)


Galneryus began in 2001, created after guitarist Syu had the idea to create a power metal band, different from his other bands. Just shortly before the disbandment of his band Valkyr, Syu started the band together with the vocalist YAMA-B, which he discovered through hearing him sing on the radio. Both men are from the same locality and shared the same ideas about starting a power metal band. After gathering some support musicians, they started writing songs, practicing, holding concerts and contributing some songs to omnibus albums, which all lead to the release of their first demo CDR United Flag in 2003. Like many fledgling artists, only a limited number of copies was released. In that same year they released another demo, Rebel Flag.

It was the passion of the band members that helped them get a record deal: the record label VAP (which is also the label of Syu’s band Animetal) proposed a deal which resulted in the release of their first album, Flag of Punishment, in October 2003. The artwork was done by the artist Yoshitaka Amano, who is known for his artwork for Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D, amongst others. Yoshitaka Amano has continued to design their album covers.

The record, containing power metal songs that may remind one of Yngwie J. Malmsteen (Syu often acknowledged to be inspired by this guitarist), was received very well by fans and press alike. From that moment on, the band has been regarded as a credible and innovative part of the Japanese music scene.

But their second album, Advance To The Fall, which was released in March 2005, reveals the band to the rest of the world, especially thanks to the hit Silent Revelation. The very powerful album becomes a true success as well.

But they weren’t done yet. After a series of concerts (for Syu both with Animetal and Galneryus), the band retreated to the studio once again to record their third album, Beyond The End of Despair… which was released in July of 2006. The album was mixed and mastered by the Swedish team SHEP, bringing their sound even closer to European metal bands. A few months later, the band released their first live DVD, Live for Rebirth, which shows the band in fine form during their concerts of their Die for Rebirth tour.

After participating in the Pure Rock Japan 2006 event and contributing to the Tribute to Death Note compilation album, bassist Tsui left the band at the beginning of 2007.

Nevertheless, the band is still going strong and only being at the beginning of their career, we can be sure a great future awaits them.

Author : FoXjapan & Kay
translation : Kay (2007-04-01)

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