The Benefits of Video Games

Posted on April 27, 2009


Thesis : Many parents judge video games as the main cause of students’ laziness. Moreover, those who are getting addicted with video games seem to get bad mark on academic achievements. But, this is just a wrong prejudice from our parents. We’re addicted to gaming because video games are fun, competitive, satisfying, and even thrilling. We’re addicted to video games for reasons that aren’t always easy to articulate. In here, I want to explain some benefits of video games.

Arguments : Video game researchers discovered that games that provide a sense of freedom and connection to other people are more fun, which is why we get addicted to gaming. Video games that are merely “fun” aren’t as addictive. We’re addicted to gaming because of the sense of achievement, positive experiences, and connections to the real world. We’re addicted to gaming because of the combination of reality and fantasy. In addition, we can feel our fantasy into reality, although it probably just in pictures and sounds.

Another benefit of video games is that they allow us to release

interpersonal tensions in harmless ways. I realize that it would be bad if we can’t control this habit in “expressing our self while playing games” because sometimes I myself can’t control swearing at incorrect places. But, to release interpersonal tensions in harmless way by playing games is much more accepted than to release our feelings in society. Sometimes there are feelings that will be alright if we don’t tell it to anyone.

A workout for your brain is another video game possibility. Educational video games provide both mental and social benefits to gamers. If you don’t believe, just try some classics games like Arkanoid or Tetris. Or you can just download some mobile games like Pictoplay, AMA IQ Boosters, Bookworms, etc. for free.

“The game allows students to use sights, sounds, and touch to get better acquainted with the immune system,” says a high school teacher. “Students also interact with each other; have problem-solving discussions to enhance their game play and ultimate learning of the subject.” There are many benefits of video games here. Immune Attack features different infections and new immune cells to train. Players maneuver among red blood cells, squeeze through vessel walls, and fight off invading pathogens – all the while learning about their own immune system.

Reiteration : So according to these benefits of video games, I hope that people don’t judge gamer as just rubbish that harms the whole environment of a sociality. In fact, many gamers have won a lot of achievements in gaming contest or in another field, including academic field. We, gamers, have our own abilities and able to live like ordinary people.

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