An Alternative Social Networking Site

Posted on July 16, 2009


Nowadays, young people get addicted accessing social networking site such as Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. They often waste their precious time by just updating status or write a spam note. I don’t want to make an exposition article, like counterattacking those habits. I just want to introduce a new social networking site. An alternative has always been interesting because people are easily get bored if they face overload usage of a feature.This social networking site is differ from the others. Its name is dipdive. When I checked it a moment ago, this site is still in beta version. However, I feel a strong feeling that this site is going to blow up like Facebook.

This is a glance screenshot from the site:

ScreenshotThis site is a collaboration from a lot of social networking sites. The minus is its loading time which is so long if you are connected by dial-up.

Like its explanation on official website, dipdive is a Lifestyle Engine centered on things that move you – music, art, causes, fashion and entertainment.

I don’t need to write too much, better try making an account on dipdive and see it by yourself!!!

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