Take a Look from another side of Facebook

Posted on August 14, 2009


Facebook-as known as-FB, has become very popular since Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign. Obama’s winning is considered as one of FB effects. The FB’s CEO, Mark Zukerberg, had claimed that FB has a lot of positive effects; this statement is to counter FB bad impacts’ issues. And yes, let us talk about the positive side of FB now. As you can see, me, the writer itself, is bored with the articles exploiting about the bad effects of FB. Let’s change the way we think about something, let’s think positively!
By using events creators at FB or simply update your status, your friends can quickly finds out the newest information regarding to them. This is so efficient remembering nowadays your friends are often updating their FB status. You can save your time and money by doing this. Of course, there must be some friends that need to be informed manually. >.<
By making unique statuses, you can discover many ideas and opinions from your friends. If you are interested in writing, you can make good writings from those responses. I do too. Try making your imaginations off-limits to make your writings valuable. Ideas are priceless. All you need is just catching it at the right time. ^_^
Getting stuck with your assignments? Write a note about it. If possible, try making copy from what you have done so far. Write the opening paragraph as interesting as you can, in order to attract your friends to read your notes. Of course the title must be very good or very odd; remember the off-limits imaginations. And here you go! Just a few minutes later your friends will read your notes and give responses. Whatever they write about your notes, there must be one or two readers who give you corrections about your writing. This is the first free proof readers after your offline friends-my term for friends in real world- to make corrections on your writing. Just don’t trust online friends easily. Always double check their resolutions with trusted resources later. Remember.
There are more and more positive things that you can do with FB. I can’t write down all of the ideas of using FB positively. It is just about how you can use it wisely.
Thanks. Would you mind giving me comments? Am I using the right grammar?

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