SMADAV- The Indonesian Antivirus

Posted on August 31, 2009


This review is made without commercial reason. I just want to share my experience using this antivirus. No offense!!! Read more to get the FREE download of Smadav.

Well, let’s get started. I started using Smadav as my second antivirus-I always use two antivirus, one installed and one portable-about three months ago. It started when my friend, Fikry, started to install Smadav on all PCs at our Independent Learning Centre. Due to my curiousness, I copied the *.zip file of that antivirus and try it myself. It was Smadav Rev 4.2. The size is tiny, just about 400Kb and it does not need any installations. Just open the *.zip file and launch the program. At the first time you launch it, it will ask you to install SmaRT (Smadav Real-Time Protection) on your computer. If you click “Yes”, Smadav will set itself as one of start-up programs. It will show icon on the right of the taskbar and let you know if your computer is on a risk or if it has a new version update (need internet connection obviously!). However I usually turn off this feature since I don’t use Smadav as my main antivirus (On that case, I use Avira). Then you will see the main menu. On the top there are logos, version date, donate button (to upgrade the FREE version to PRO version), and a quote “Virus Indonesia akan segera PUNAH” (Indonesian Viruses will soon extinct). For your information, Smadav uses bilingual Indonesian-English (I think it is 70% Indonesian and 30% English). I never try the PRO version. The PRO version has extended options to change the language into Indonesian or English.
So, I cannot say a lot because my basic education is not Computer Software (I am afraid I will write something stupid here…), but Smadav is my favourite local antivirus. The interface is good and it is easy to use. Moreover, its size is so tiny. I recommend Smadav for portable antivirus users.
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Hope this little information useful…

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