Long Absence (?)

Posted on October 23, 2009


Yeah, I realize that I have not post anything new yet. Just one poem and that is one week ago, if I am not mistaken. Well, I think I have abandoned this blog due to my activities. To prevent me from abandoning this blog once again, I decided to share some activities here.

First thing first, I do not like to write and post personal activities. That is why, probably, I never make such kind of “too personal writings”. I only focus my writing to general phenomena around myself. Well, is that out of the topic? Okay, I am going back to my former activities.

The first disturbing and spending a lot of my time activity is this, “Reportase”. As a college journalist, I have plenty “interview schedules” which are sometimes insane and make me overwork. I had to interview leaders of some regional forum. I had interviewed the leader of Foedjas-Forum Ukhuwah Djakarta Sekitar-named Fitrah, via SMS. Then I interviewed my friends and so on. Make many transcribes here and there. Put it in one file and then handed it to LPM Kalpadruma, my college press.

The second and the most disturbing activity is Preparing a drama for Get Road and Vacation (GROVI 2009). For your information, I am not a good director at all and I must be a director and direct all of my friends to play my script!!! Gosh, that was terrible. However, My friends all had help me so well that the drama was played smoothly. Not very well in my opinion…

And college assisgnments, and writing for newspapers assignments, and interview schedule that is not yet done, and so on, and so on…

And here I am now… my mind is exhausted… everyday trying to obtain new ideas, brainstorming, zzztttt…

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