A False Appetite

Posted on November 25, 2009


It was midnight. And Jason was hungry. He stared at the dining table. There was no food. He scratched over the shelves. And still, there was no food. He thought for a moment. He meandered over the kitchen. He observed every corner of the kitchen to find available food. Sadly, there was still no food. He then stopped meandering. His feet plodded to one destination, in front of the refrigerator.

“This is my final hope…” Jason sighed. Slowly he opened the huge square white box hoping it would contain a thing to fulfil his hunger.

“What on earth are these!” he exclaimed. Inside the refrigerator were really shocking. Sticky brown meat was resting at the bottom. Rancid smell came from an expired milk box. Not just that, there were slimy liquid that came from the melted melon-flavoured ice-cream inside the freezer. All of these features equal a pungent, disturbing odour.

“Yuck! Do I remember I have ever been stored these monsters?” Jason held his stomach. He desired to vomit, but he blamed himself.

“I certainly need to clean this mess tomorrow,” he walked away from the kitchen. He took his motorcycle key and planned to eat outside.

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