The Impact of Using Modern Technology on Law Enforcement

Posted on January 6, 2010


This is my essay from Reading IIIA’s final exam. I do not know why I managed to write the essay twice, first on my answer sheet then the second on my leftover paper. It just sounds good to share here. I believe there are many mistakes here and there. Forgive me.

Technology will keep developing until the end of the world. Applying modern technology on law enforcement surely has many impacts. Despite that the impact is either good or bad, we must look at the law enforcement itself to reveal the truth. If the law enforcement is loose, an ultimate technology will speak nothing. If the law enforcement is tight, an enormous of unsolved crime cases will wait for its destiny.

Talking about the advantages of using modern technology on law enforcement, we must consider the ability of the criminologists. To use the tech, certain training must be conducted for them. They must have knowledge on using them properly. I think it will become a challenge to them. I support this. We can not rely on the other’s country to solve a case that requires modern technology. Moreover, I believe that Indonesians have the ability of that. The problem is on the law itself. Government and law constitution must provide a set of law that accommodate such evidences. I am relieved that now we have UU ITE to accommodate that. For example, Alda’s case. When UU ITE was still a RUU, we could not process this case because the only evidence was a CCTV file. Our KUHP do not allow an electronic file becoming evidence. But now, UU ITE allows that.

The negative aspect of using modern technology is always exists. One of them is the excess information that probably just a hoax. A hoax is an act intended to trick people into believing something is real when it is not. In here, as I stated on the second paragraph, the ability of a crime expert will be tested. That is why I support giving soft skill on modern tech to the criminologists.

To sum up, I personally think that modern tech will bring a good impact to law enforcement. It is the matter of how we put the tech into good use.

Dita Surya Kartika

Reading IIIA Final Exam


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