Text Messaging Harms EYD

Posted on May 12, 2010


Hip-hop culture presents unique idea about language. They, the representer of Hip-hop culture, the artists, modified the standard language into non-standard language as known as Slang. Apparently, there are many slang not only in Hip-hop culture but also in cyberspace. These Hip-hop and culture stuffs are just an introduction to the current condition in Indonesia.

Text messaging harms EYD, I said.

You know that the limit of one text message is only 160 characters. These characters are not enough to express our message, sometimes (excluding agreement or disagreement where you can just write “Y” for Yes, and “N” for No).  So the teens modified the language by deleting the unnecessary characters:

take a look at this

Ugh, I, who define myself as a non-alay person soon getting headache and backache because of this.

Alay language is inevitable but we can still maintain our EYD.

I suggest these ideas:

1. Decrease text messaging. Use phone instead. It’s clearer.

2. Re-write your notes using EYD.

My previous Integrated English class brought article about text messaging. I forgot the linguist name but I remember the statement that “TEXT MESSAGING BROUGHT ILLITERACY. THEY MERELY ARBITRARY SYMBOLS.”  He was trying to said that we are going back to the PREHISTORIC ERA. Where written documents consisted of symbols portraying syllables or, the worst, sentences.

———————————–okay okay okay I leave the conclusion to you

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