Gameplay Hybrid in Console and Computer Games

Posted on July 28, 2010


Action, adventure, RPG, RTS, simulation, sports, etc. are called genres in video games. These genres generally describe gameplay. In some cases, there are also stereotypes of genres for characterisations, storylines, sounds, and graphics. Some games featured a hybrid gameplay as seen in:
Parasite Eve: The game comprises both action and RPG elements. It is called action because we are set in a linear storyline and act immediately using our controllers. Hence, the game has RPG elements in the items and skills organisations. A typical action game won’t force the player to invest their exp points to a skill. Instead, it force them to have a good skill with their controller to perform the actions.
However, this is a great game and I’m happy the developer decided to make the new sequel.
Borderland: An FPS RPG! This great game brings RPG fresher than ever, IMO. Great items, lotsa creatures, and four unique characters make mixed feelings when playing this game.
A more comprehensive thought will be given in the next posts…