Cencorship in News Broadcasting is Important

Posted on February 13, 2011


One of democracy principle is to allow the citizens to speak up their thoughts. Media provides the medium in which people can comment on the government, bring up suggestions, and inform news to society. In other words, media can develop a public opinion about certain issue because of its function to communicate between people and government. Today’s phenomenon is the reporting news can contain biased information. The bias is unavoidable and usually occurs because media cannot run their business without modals. Media supports the capital owner by broadcasting good news or biased information about it. The urge to have cencors in news broadcasting is to protect consumers to get the clear messages about the issues, to diminish subjectivity of news, and to maintain the journalism ethic code.

The cencorship is importantly required because people must get a clear message about what is happening in the society. In Indonesia, it is mentioned that journalism and media have a contribution over law and political chaos. It is because the media uses implicit expressions in the news. It blurs reality of what is right and what is wrong. Blontank Poer, a famous journalist and blogger, said that using implicit expressions in repoting news results in fake and biased reports. He adds that journalist and media should use simple language to express the news so that misperception can be avoided. For example, media should use “menangkap” not “mengamankan” in the headline “Polisi Mengamankan Tersangka Korupsi Dana APBD”. Moreover, the use of simple language can evoke a sense of shame among criminals and corruptors. The cencorship, then, is necessary to limit the diction used by media to minimize biased reports.

Furthermore, the cencorship is also necessary to diminish subjectivity. The cencorship must eliminate the opinions in news broadcasting. Subjectivity in news is unacceptable. In addition, media is already given space in editorial programs. The editorials rubric allows media to broadcast news and comment it. In here, media is allowed to be subjective: whether it stands pro or against the news. The editorials rubric is enough to accommodate media’s need in expressing opinions. Media does not need to add subjective opinions in news programs.

Finally, cencorship is important to maintain the journalism ethic code. It is an effective way to prevent mistakes made by journalists. For instance, journalists are not allowed to publish criminals and victims identities explicitly. The identities should be protected according to the journalism ethic code. The impact of violating the journalism ethic code results in violating the human rights. For instance, criminals and victims can experience mental abuse by the society. With cencorship, it can be measured the quality of the news. If the news is against the journalism ethic code, the cencors can give punishment to the media. The news can be corrected until it meets the standards of news broadcasting.

According to the facts above, cencorship in news broadcasting should exist to inform clear issues to people, to get rid of subjectivity, and to support the journalism ethic code.




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