11 Things About Me and 11 Questions from Dear Bestfriend Wisnu Setioko

Posted on December 15, 2011


Guess I’m dragged along to play this game. So, here’s the rules; I tell about myself in 11 numbering and answer 11 questions from Wisnu. I should not waste any words here.

11 Things About Me:
1. My full screen name is actually Fiolina Luccava Saemonnosuke, but I drop the last name because it’s kinda long and unsynchroned.
2. My type of men is exactly like MacGyver. He is tough but sweared that he never wield guns and use violence. He is very smart, too. The real actor is actually pretty much the same as the character.
3. According to number 2, I (suppose) cannot have interest in pretty boys…
4. I love journalism since Junior High School.
5. My favourite food is Huzalenza but I don’t know the spelling of it…
6. I ever forgot my own birthday and thought my birthday is September 23rd!
7. I’m not disgusted by porns, gore, and violence things. I hate bad odour more than those three things!
8. I like wearing men’s perfume but my favourite scent is tea scent and that is more often found in female perfume!
9. I dream of making basement laboratory and a library that looks like the library in Alone In the Dark: The New Nightmare.
10. I often scared to death when I found something horrible in shitbrix site! A lot of nightmares comes after seeing those horrible looks…
11. I’m an INTJ and (looks like) I’m very proud of that.

11 Pertanyaan dari Wisnu ke temen2:
1. Milih dipanah di lutut apa di siku? THE KNEE.
kenapa? BECAUSE I USED TO TAKE AN ARROW IN THE KNEE THEN I TAKE AN ARROW IN THE KNEE. I’ll be back on my previous state.
If you ask me aside from meme things, I say I choose to be shot on my elbow. Why? Because in Skyrim my elbows are armored! #trollface

2. Apa itu meme?
All catchy things that we share and we already experienced the references and make them into jokes.

3. Apa yang kamu lakukan seandainya kamu
adalah petualang, tapi tiba2 negara api
menyerang kamu dan memanah lututmu?
Impossibru! I bring Chuck Norris along with me!

4. Kapan lulus?
Estimated Graduation max. March 2013

5. Lagi ngapain sekarang?
Writing the answers of your Questions… -___-”

6. Dimana?
Living room? I dunno what this room called, actually.

7. sama siapa?
My “enraged” lil sis.

8. lagi pengin ngapain kamu?
Editing articles and doing homeworks while listening to music. (Really meant that!)

9. Seandainya saya tiba-tiba ketemu personil
SCANDAL, kamu mau ikut g?

10. Kamu udah kesel belum sama pertanyaan-
pertanyaan saya?
Not really…

11. Last word: What you see is not always what you get.

I’m not sure they will do this silly homework but here we go the 11 lucky persons!
1. Wisnu
2. Ana
3. Gia
4. Danar
5. Qodir
6. Paulina
7. Fatikah
8. Intan
9. Lamia
10. Safira
11. Galih

And the questions are:
Q1. What’s your blood type?
Q2. What’s your less favourite subject of study? Me: Sociology, You:?
Q3. Truth or Dare?
Q4. Do you believe there are aliens outside this lovely earth? Why?
Q5. On the scale of 1 to 10, how do you describe your appearance?
Q6. Which country do you want to go for a 1-day vacation?
Q7. When do you brush your teeth? Before or after taking a bath?
Q8. Do you care about politics? If yes, what is your -ism, If no, do you still go to the election?
Q9. Forgive me to make serious questions but I am out of my mind as always. So, next question will be… what is your favourite adjective?
Q10. What comes on your mind if I write; 1)black, 2)Black, 3)BLACK?
Q11. How do you describe winter?


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