Specific Culture? Border?

Posted on August 7, 2012



This is a group essay on my Pop Culture class.

A. Qodir                                  C0308014

Dita Surya Kartika                  C0308031

Ezrava Kusuma Atmaja          C0308034

Danar Prasetyo                        C0308081

            A pop culture theorist named George Lipzits stated that the term “border”, which is one of the object studies in Anthropology, is shattered. Pop culture makes each culture less categorized because there is no exact definition of a “specific” culture. For example, in the term of Anthropology, at the past we could mention a culture looking at the fashion, the language and dialects, the commodities, etc. characteristics that is limited by region, country, and specific ethnics. Today’s phenomenon is that the culture resembles one or more than one characteristics of particular cultures. The contemporary cultures possess mixed characteristics of the previous traditional cultures. Hybrid is a culture that has been formed from two or more other cultures, one that has much of both but not all of each. For example, Japanese Rock and its distinguished fashion Visual Kei is a mixture of Rock and Gothic. We know that Rock and Gothic are originally from Western countries. What people consume from Japanese Rocks are Western Rock, Western fashion (for Visual Kei is a modification of Gothic), and the only one which is still recognized as Japanese is the band members. Hybrid culture is considered as a reconstruction of a new cultural identity by pinching cross cultural identities.

            Deterriotrialization is an effort to abolish the previous fixed culture by force. One of the forces is via political power. The purpose of doing this is to take control of an area. Hitler’s propaganda by banning books that contents are against him is considered as deterriotrialization. He forced a new ideology to replace the old ones.








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