FictionPress and FanFiction, Here I Come!

Posted on September 13, 2012

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Ideas can grow anywhere, anytime and in any kind (Whoops! Terrible effort at making pun.). Sometimes, our ideas are just too good to be dumped on our short term memories. Meanwhile, we are not sure enough our ideas will do well on the real world. They will be sued.

Fanfiction is not a strange vocabulary for fandoms. It is a kind of our appreciation to things we love. Whether it is TV shows, animes, comics, games, bands, or plays, we fanatics cannot let go our interests even for just one second. DAT CANON.

I actually already discovered quite a long time ago. I just do not want to join it at that time. Y’know, I HATE MAKING NEW ACCOUNTS. I’m pretty thoughtful at making new accounts. Yeah, a lot of my accounts SEEMS abandoned, but they are not. I keep looking back and forth and do not know what should I do with them.

Until I discovered this, via this.

I then examined the site carefully. I also remembered my friend’s fanfiction about Metal Gear Solid. I told him to submit his story to the site and get reviewed. He did it. Casually, he asked me to review his. I did it. How? By making a new account at FictionPress. Yeah, I finally made an account and ready to have fun with heaps of digital archives. FictionPress and are sister webs. They look alike in both interface and intentions. I can link both accounts. Actually, I can just log in into the sites using Google, Facebook, or Twitter. However, I want to make account on these sites because I want to submit my stories later. Just don’t know when….

For now, I am happily browsing through some favourite fandoms like Resident Evil, The Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear, etc. I must admit that I get all my pleasure from reading and reviewing the fics. Finally, there is a home for my editor’s tingling sense. I like suggesting *smirk*.

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