Yo Dawg, I Herd U Like to Bookmark Ur Bookmarks of Bookmarks

Posted on October 2, 2012


Yeah, bookmarks… such a glorious feature to spoil our brains. It is also my reason to forget trivial things. Rule #1 : Don’t remember things you can easily scribble anywhere. I tend to only remember essential things and use my brain for processing logic. Something like that. o_O

Honestly, I bookmarked things just latterly. In fact, I never use browser bookmark feature. Yes, I use bookmarklets. But that a lil bit different. Here is my bookmark bar, full of bookmarklets.


I know… my font and its colour makes it hard to read. Gyaaaah, I just can’t decide which colour. Normally I’d choose darker tone but since that Firefox persona is colourful so I’d choose that ambiguous one. Let me list all of them here (from left to right)

  • That’s Clipix’s logo. I don’t remember if I *intentionally* installed that one but if I click that button it goes to my Clipix dashboard.
  • Most Visited: Default Firefox bookmark.
  • Getting Started: Also Firefox default.
  • Share on Twitter: Whenever I find something interesting on any web page. I *rarely* click that tool. Nowadays, it is common to find Twitter sharing buttons directly in the webpage. But I’ll keep it there in case of
  • Share to Tumblr: Similar to Twitter but less commonly found on webpages. I can directly steal repost text, photo, quote, link, chat, video directly from any page. This is very handy since Tumblr dashboard is very heavy for my internet connection. *sobs*
  • Storify this: Use it to add elements of story to Storypad. A bit confusing in practical use. Often, I forget to make the real Storify after add some elements here and there. Oh Internet! You the concentration-breaker ultimate….
  • +Paper.li : To add something to my virtual newspapers Paper.li. However, because Paper.li automatically curates my paper I kind of neglecting this. Moreover, Paper.li login is excruciating (again because of my internet connection and some proxy setting problems I don’t know how to fix that).
  • Scoop.it! : This one is a favourite (along with Tumblr)! Similar to Paper.li feature but this one is more controllable. I can add my own words, tags, choose pictures, etc.
  • Pin It: I use it to pin pictures to Pinterest. I’m still new on this bookmarking site. According to what I see, most users often pin products, DIY things, arts…. So, I just go with the flow. I’m not and I think I’ll never be a design artist, so mostly use it for fun.
  • Clip It: New thing here. Honestly the only reason why I make this entry. This one is also from Clipix but when I click this button on my desired website, it’ll open a small dialogue box – which you can drag it everywhere on your browser window – and prompt a few options to save my webpage on my “online bookmark”.
  • Press This: Honestly NEVER use this since I intend to write original content here. Well, if you dig down my posts you can find reposts. I was trying features.
  • Read Later: My favourite bookmarklet of all time! With this one I can save links to access later on my Instapaper account. Very handy. Thanks to Instapaper for introducing me to the “online bookmark” world. #sigh *lame attempt* *I am not a good joker*
  • Googles: You should check this page. Because of this tool I have new friends inside Facebook. A perfect procrastination tool.
  • Fount: Works better than what the font because it instantly tells you what font is it on a certain page. It works accurately for me. Try it! ^_^

Nah, after this exhausting list of my bookmarks, I’d like to voice my story about these bookmarking things. I didn’t expect that bookmarking can be such a playful activities until I found Instapaper, later Clipix. Me, being dumb, had always copy pasta the needed urls to notepads. Lacking of visualizations, these notepads soon didn’t have any meaning and I forgot why on earth I saved that urls.

With Instapaper, things online should be kept online. That works for me. I can make folders within folders, put titles instead of random urls, make note below, etc. Now, I have, say, bunch of folders; Masterposts, Download Later, Resources, References, and so on.

Then it all comes to Pinterest and Clipix. With Pinterest, I found no problem differentiating the purpose of both Instapaper and Pinterest. And because I’d like to compare things, I went to similarsites.com and found Pinterest sort-of-competitor, Clipix. I found many personal and website reviews, all say good things about it. Well, I guess that’s enough reason to try this new thing out.

As the official website suggests, Clipix works like online bookmark, lets you save webpages as you go. I felt, at first, I can do this with Instapaper, too.

To make an already long-and-empty-and-boring-story short, I find Clipix to be an alternative for Instapaper but can’t replace it. Although I can always make my clipboards private (and I have 1 private clipboard at this moment), sites like Clipix tease me to make them public. Whereas Instapaper, with its simple interface I find it more private.

Now, my bookmarks overlap each other. It’s like Venn Diagram where sometimes I put a url on both services. I don’t know yet if this is a waste of time or just a disorganized mind of mine. Something obvious is that now we don’t need to store even the tiniest file on our harddisk. All hail teh internetz!

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