Maintenance A Printer Is Such A Dilemma Task… #sigh

Posted on October 22, 2012


Hello, welcome to my blog and my newest entry so far.

[spoiler] ranting inside[/spoiler]

So, I’ve been having this precious printer for a while… let’s say… almost a year since I bought it at January 2012. At the first week when the store opened after taking new year holiday. (Oh yes, I remember that detail.)

This printer is so great. I bought it at a reasonable price because it can print, scan, and copy which is very convenience to me since I do a lot of printing and copying. And my lil sis will use it to scan her pictures.

Then I got a shitload of works and used my printer non-stop and very gratuitous for that because I now can effectively work without calculating more time to go to rental and so forth. Now, abusing one paper or more is not a big deal because I bought them all first, not per piece.

Then now I am rarely use my printer because I got nothing to print. At least until now because my draft for the third chapter is not ready yet. Got no job on real life that involve printing. It’s just standing there on my desk near my right hand as I type this. A huge, black ink monster sitting peacefully because it can’t talk unless I feed him with papers to be vomited.

It had started….

It moans. It refuse to print properly after 3-4 weeks ignored. Colours don’t appear properly. Nothing’s shown on the nozzle check excepts thin black lines. Bah! The dilemma over small things had just started.

It needs to be cleansed when I am not using it often. It is apparently on the standard procedure filled with not-so-mechanical procedural text (which never being touched until the first problem appeared).

The printer gives me two choices: use him often or head-cleans him at least once a week.

I was failed twice.

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