Is It Necessary to Update?

Posted on November 11, 2012


I have my Android smartphone for about two years ago (and counting). I love all parts of it. Well tbh I don’t really like its design. Its stunning white is failed to stand up for me since I prefer darker colour. [In fact, if I had waited for a few days, I could get the black one] It… looks pale and unenergetic. Why I bought it? Because of its features for sure. I’m not a visual person much. Go away if you’re gonna discuss the appearance, design, or graphic. Like when I judge whether a game is good or not by other aspects except graphic. I am a faithful person even to things. Once I decided to have it I’m not gonna give you up and never let you down change to other cellphones until it is broken. Hell, my NES is still working and it is older than me. And don’t forget to mention our rice cooker… mother told me they bought it at 1985.

After two years, the sparkling, crowning moments of awesomeness had gone. It is enough for me to mess up with its layout, widgets, apps etc. If counted, I probably have installed more than 200 apps. That includes the blackmarket ones. Current state maybe 30+ apps on my phone. I’m not sure… One thing I am sure is that I don’t give fuck damn about how many apps I’ve been installed, ne.

Problems emerged when my internal storage gets low. As an older generation of Android smartphone, its internal is small. It gets quickly depleted. However, as we install applications the update to add new features or fix bugs most of the times bugging me back. Sometimes the file size is too big. Sometimes the updates degrade the previous working apps. Sometimes I just simply don’t wanna update for bandwidth sake. (Of course I put aside options like recovering previous updates with backup tools. That’s too advanced.)

So, now, is it necessary to update?

Well yes, it is necessary to update information whether or not we need to update the apps.

Some times ago, Twitter accounts @DroidIndonesia and @SoloDroid give simple tips. We need to keep our eyes close to the change logs. There, if latest update is just, for example, about foreign languages localization then it is not necessary to update the said app.

But then, “This version of WhatsApp is too old and no longer functions”.

The message is telling me to update WhatsApp. Yep. I know. Yet my first reaction towards that message is

cat pissed

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