4 Years… (and counting)

Posted on November 29, 2012



First of all, I would like to say sorry coz I messed up with the days again. I am supposed to write this entry at November 27. Instead, I write it now. Okay, I’m grateful that I remember to write about this, at last. Hmm… should’ve thanked this entry that is appeared on my LJ’s Friends page, because of the reminder about Sanzo-sama’s birthday (and Taguchi Junnosuke’s) I am now aware of my own oath, to make a post about this blog’s anniversary.


Looking at my first post on this blog, I can guarantee that this blog has encountered many events. Various subjects had been posted here. However, the main reason I made this blog had not been neglected fully, probably only shifted as the time goes. Yep, true. This blog was meant as  a “dumping files” of my academic papers. It’s because I don’t want to make them just a tool to get certain mark. I want them to be read no matter how bad, silly or gross they are.

Basically, I made this blog in order to express myself. I like writing and love journalism, so It would be bad if I don’t publish my writings. I need comment from you guys! I’m happy if you spare some of your time to give critics on my ideas an opinions.

Lol so true and so fake. True points: I love writing, journalism and criticisms. False points: I don’t make this blog to *just* express myself. It’s also to back up important thoughts and keep them mine. (Yes I know the contents can be copied. Screw it! They’re really mine unless there is a reference page or credits. You can always track the first one uploaded on the net. And it will be mine. *Yandere mode activated* ). Also, I’m not happy, I’m normal. *Poker face*

I also write game reviews. But I’m so inconsistent on writing this kind of article in this blog. You better check out my GetGlue or Tumblr for reviews (not only games but also films and books). It’s not that I didn’t find this platform bad for writing review but other platforms are more appropriate (and fun) to write in.

Now since I don’t get academic tasks anymore (except thesis) for the time being, this blog will be mainly about my twaddles. Brace yourselves! And uhm… I kinda lazy to upload my papers :p

Hmmm… what else should I say? I’m still the same freak, out-of-mind, foulmouthed etc. person. Oh yeah also would like to thank WordPress. I love them updates. It’s more like Tumblr with quick post and reblog feature but I love them recommended links, tags and articles keep it up 🙂

Honestly, I’m not good at writing something for birthdays/anniversaries because I think those are natural, like, err… no need to congratulate them :/ I’m full of plain tones, plain happy birthday tones are not an exception.

So just… Happy 4 years anniversary, my first blog!


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