Fulfilling My Own Promise: A Year End’s Blog Post

Posted on December 31, 2012


Hello there, viewers, blogwalkers, spambots, or whatever you are~

It’s now 20:08, 31 December 2012. Raining hard outside. Few hours later it will be new year according to Sun’s calendar. Have you been well? 🙂

Honestly, I didn’t know what I want to write in this post ’till now. But since I promised myself to write a post to close this year, here I am, sitting in front of this laptop, masturbating. (pssh, no Spiderman thread derail allowed)

To start up, I think this post I made at my Tumblr suffices to generalise what I was doing during 2012, specifically, Q3 2012. It was a big change in the cyberworld. I started to speak out my opinions more and more. Unlike past years, I am now contributing more insights not just being silent reader or stiff contributor.

Summary of 2012, divided into quarters just to make things sorted out:

Q1 2012 (January-March) : Underwent this period with no expectations. Life went slow in my memory. Too much stuffs were happening at this time in real life I barely remember something important or memorable. The seventh semester homeworks and papers were crazy. The only thing I remembered was that I made four papers at the end of the year. Simply disappointing way to celebrate the New Year. I bet when I have steady jobs in the near future ( I hope, bro. Call it a wish) I’ll be spending New Year like that again. And by the end of February, I was starting to make my thesis. Got difficulties at the start. Confused and unsure with my thesis supervisor’s pretensions. Thankfully it is now settled. I am enjoying this process, wanting to start a new one after this one is done. To be honest I prefer spending my life studying. I sincerely love studying, very much.

Q2 2012 (April-June) : Still busy. Walking aimlessly at the campus before and after consultation sessions with my thesis supervisors. I tried to check and recheck my works before submitting. It always took a long time. What do you expect, bro? I’m a laid back sucker. There are important things going in this quarter but better left untold publicly. Oh yea, many thanks to my friends who ask me out. Without you, guys, my life’s would be dull: getting up, taking a bath, doing homeworks, having brunch, do nothing, taking a bath again if I remember, snacking, going online, doing homeworks, sleeping (repeat this cycle). Looking forward to meeting all of you at once. *For those who know me irl and are close to me in high school, our friend Ismail told me when we were meeting up for Dark Cloud 2 that he invited us to his brother’s wedding next January 2013. We both think that it will be a great opportunity to meet again after a long time.*

Q3 2012 (July-September) : Yeay the semester is over! But the ending is not revealing yet! This is the beginning of my “disoriented times”. Right, ninth semester, where there is almost no activities whatsoever in campus, is catalysing my laid back attitude. When’s Monday? Every day is just like Sunday. Sorry for being a burden, Mom and Dad, but I never felt this before… (the sound of a flowery heart). I did see an increasing trend toward the electricity bills.

Q4 2012 (October-December) : A lot of food party at home. Yeah, since I am like… at home most of the time. Unknotting the complications with cool and bittersweet resolutions. You don’t know what I’m talking about because you shouldn’t know. Nonetheless, this year is full of grace. For a melancholy mind like me, I’m smiling at the end of most resolutions. 2005-2011 were tough years. This year is a beginning of the end. And when the end is over, I hope it sets a good standard, increasing trend, to a new beginning.

It’s 21:58, 31 December 2012. Still raining, now lightly.

Fireworks are heard from my bedroom.

Good night. Happy New Years Eve GMT +7

F. Luccava

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