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Posted on January 6, 2013


I feel like dumping this note hereRussian FormalismI made this note when I was taking extra class at Introduction to Prose Studies, 7th semester. I said extra class because it was not mandatory for me to attend that class. I already passed the subject. I decided to attend because it was related to Russian Formalism, my thesis approach.

>tfw your thesis is not yet finished

I find this note very useful for quick grasping the essence of Russian Formalism, especially dealing with literariness. Defamiliarization isn’t even a sturdy word (the same as Americaness, actually) indicated by that red line. Some OCD are tingling, wanting to right click those lines and pick a word from that suggestions box to eliminate those marks. There is an easy way, just uncheck that “check spelling”. But then I may or may not notice typos! ;_; And other words -form, literariness, strange/extraordinary- on this note are actually terms.

Now that I post this, I should really really go back to work.

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