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Posted on April 21, 2013


A friend of mine whom I met at Thursday gave me access to her eBooks collections at campus. I also have a lot of interesting documents, eBook collections. I’d like to share them all to you, readers! But alas, third world country’s internet connection is so shit! I can only upload small-sized eBooks.

Now that I have a bit of free time, I’ll update the list as fast as I and my internet connection can. I hope the knowledge won’t stop on the download links only. Just don’t forget to cite the source properly, you know. Check the Open S0urces page for recommendations.

Talking about sources, there are some documents that I forget where I get and who’s the author. So, if you all happen to know, please leave a comment! Meanwhile, here’s the list of new uploads.

  1. Advertising as Multilingual Communication | Hellen Kelly-Holmes | Linguistics, Communication Studies, Reference
  2. Critical Approaches to Literature | Unknown | Literature, Definitions, Reference
  3. Element of Semiology – Barthes | Roland Barthes | Semiology, Theory
  4. Element of Semiology – Roland Barthes | Roland Barthes | Semiology, Theory
  5. Gender Identity | Jan E. Stets and Peter J. Burke | Gender Studies, Paper
  6. Genre Elements | Unknown | Literature, Film Studies, Definitions, Reference
  7. Modern Literary Theory Questions | Unknown | Literature, Question List
  8. Polysystem Studies | Itamar Even-Zohar | Literature, Theory
  9. Reading Between the Signs Workbook | Anna Mindess | Culture Studies, Reference
  10. The Body as Medium and Metaphor | Hannah Westley | Literature, Theory, Approach, Textual Imagery
  11. The Platonic Concept of Love: The Symposium | Dr. David Naugle | Philosophy, Paper
  12. Towards A Cultural Approach of Stylistics | Sonia Zyngier | Culture Studies, Stylistics, Paper
  13. Writing A Literary Analysis | Chesapeake College | Literature, Checklist/Questionnaire, How-to

Oh, and 1 more… I have a lot of eBooks related to Literary Theories: Formalism, Marxist Criticisms, Psychological Approaches, Reader Response Approaches, Semiotics, Sociological Approaches, Structuralism and Stylistics. If you are interested in or looking for specific titles, I might be already have it. Later!

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