It Looks Like I’m Getting Left Behind…

Posted on April 29, 2013


Ah, I’m sorry if the title is misleading you. But I’m talking about the WordPress Android apps update.

I’ve deleted the former apps from my phone some time ago because I need to free some memory for another apps. Now that I’m getting bored at those apps, I installed this WP apps again.
Whoa there! The UI has changed a lot much. Unfortunately, I don’t have the screenshot of the former apps to prove it so take my words for granted. There must be a record for it somewhere after all.



It’s more compact and “in your face” appearance compared to the former. I think now a lot of apps based their appearance from Androd ICS as seen from the little triangle and stuffs. I don’t have the correct term to describe them :/
However, to me, the dashboard, stats and browser seem to heavy for my phone to load. Anyway, I never like the native browser. Is it just because I have a slow internet connection to begin with? I don’t know. I never get a successful browsing experience with that browser. I use Opera Mini instead.
I think my phone is getting outdated. There are application updates that aren’t compatible right now. Dang it! I love this phone and don’t want to change it. On the other hand….

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