5 Favourite Winamp Skins

Posted on May 13, 2013


It’s 14th May already and I’ve not yet posted something. Although it’s perfectly okay with not posting anything in a month (in fact, I did it a couple of times), I’m a bit uneasy. That’s because I’ve literary nothing to do except writing thesis. I’m not what you called a busy person at all. So, I decided to break out from routine and posting something random right now.

As you can see it clearly in the title, I’m going to tell you my most favourite Winamp skins up to now. It’s probably not important but like other unnecessary actions we do when browsing the internet, I found browsing for skins quite challenging, too. Why Winamp? Simply because like 99% of you have this application installed on your desktop, even when you never use it. I didn’t go too far in this skin hunting, though, as I just downloaded them from the official website. The official site has staffs reviews that make me feel safe when downloading them.

5. Snakes on A Winamp

Snakes on A Winamp


4. Maths – Blackboard Edition

maths - blackboard edition-

I want to study those equations again!

3. 16Bit Amp

16Bit Amp

I remember first time touching a computer, 8 years old, typing cd_mycomputernumber to access windows.

2. Scattershot

scattershot tile position

Fun Skins! It goes all around the place if you activate “scatter” and “CrazyGoNuts mode”. Ironically, the Boooorrrring colour scheme is my favourite.



Scatter mode in action

1. Famicom Controller

Famicom Controller

This skin is a masterpiece!!! I don’t own a Famicom but the NES one. The buttons visualisation when clicked makes me want to push a real rubber button!

Honourable mention: Simple Skin V5

Simple Skin V5 - A skin so simple I cringed. But honestly, this skin is very good.

Simple Skin V5 – A skin so simple I cringed. But honestly, this skin is very good.

Now that you see my desktop, please don’t ask why I made those screenshots at the unreasonable hour. And I don’t intend to advertise Watch_Dogs! Haha! I love that dark wallpapers šŸ™‚ Oh, but I don’t refuse if Ubisoft employees ask me to be a representative… (BUT WHO AM I?)

Well, that’s my list, 5+1 favourite Winamp skins. What’s yours?


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