They Are So RE

Posted on July 2, 2013


Spoiler alert –

Finally I got time to play games, and this time I played Resident Evil: Revelations. I want to make comments after playing Campaign Mode. Hmm… first, I am confused with the story! It left many questions to me. I don’t know whether I am not accustomed to the storytelling or I lack concentration. But if you ask me now the summary of Revelations, I honestly don’t know the details. It just felt so fragmented and I am so lost. So, what does it mean with that extra credit scene? The story is obviously better than 4 in my opinion. I like those obvious dialogues and fanservices, however. They are so RE. It’s a good move from Capcom to port this game to other consoles and PC. I think it deserves the title “one of the best 3DS games”.

Anyway, I do agree with some of the reviews out there that said Revelations is the successful hybrid of old and new Resident Evil. As a gamer who is already accustomed to tank controls, I feel a little sad that kind of control had been outdated and we’ll never see games using it again. Revelations uses controls similar to Resident Evil 4 and 5, with that over-the-shoulder camera perspective. The perspective is perfect, not too close as in Resident Evil 5 (I haven’t played RE 6 yet, probably after this, probably not.). It’s very convenient for nowadays gamers as proven by my lil sis willingness to play the game. She doesn’t want to play games with tank controls. She never wants to.

First chapters are very good and have the similar atmosphere as the old Resident Evil. After the character switched to Chris, the game feels like how Dino Crisis would be if it had a modern sequel. I love those two rail shooting scenes even if I felt it was off from RE world. It’s not scary, it’s tense. Also, love the scattered notes, pushing cupboards actions and puzzles. I want puzzles like Water Level on Resident Evil 3, though. It’s a brilliant idea to force exploration with Genesis, although I feel it’s still can be optimized to make more complex puzzles.

My favourite? Parker Luciani.

My favourite? Parker Luciani.

But I have one issue,

Pak Parker keren seh, tapi kok awake yo sakmono gedhene yo? Capcom pls. #RE #REVELATIONS

— Dita Surya Kartika (@flcva) June 30, 2013

Verdict: 9/10


  • reminiscing Resident Evil and Dino Crisis
  • underwater level
  • partners don’t get it the way, indifferent about that actually
  • “Captain Obvious” dialogues
  • “RE backtracking”
  • fun Raid Mode


  • confusing storyline
  • too much characters in one Campaign Mode
  • forgettable inventory system in Campaign Mode

Capcom, please make another Revelations with Dino Crisis’ story…

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