Random Twitter Favourites and Why I Favourited Them

Posted on October 22, 2013


Just got a random idea to post more random facts about me. This one comes from a Twitter feature called “favorites”. I’ve joined Twitter since 2009 and have tweeted a huge amounts of bullshits. When I look at them now, my present self sees my past self as pathetic, emo and/or attention-whore. Few years from now the cycle will remain the same. In the middle of the vast amount of tweets, we are presented a handy feature to bookmark the tweets as favourites.  The favourite columns is separated thus we can check back later as long as the they are not deleted. I regularly take a look at them and clean unnecessary favourites, as they will clogs the more important ones. I do not remember why I favourited few of them in the first place, but it is interesting to share some that is either inspiring or just plain retarded.

This is not the first tweet that I favourited since I have cleaned up quite often. This one is the bottom of the list by now. It is one of oh-so-great-I-quoted-one-of-my-favourite-pop-culture-products things. Nothing particular when decided to bookmark this. Probably just a sophisticated feeling tweeting with a language me myself don’t understand.

A direct quote I experienced first hand with my lecturer. Contains one retweet and two favourites, all by my college friends that absolutely know the context. Ya see, she’s infamous of being a forgetful person, to no surprise due to her age. I don’t have a grudge or anything against her and view this as a joke. Besides, the lectures were also very forgettable….


Look at this tweet! Look at how she typed it with those punctuations! Those capitals mean danger’s nearby, but that unusual symbol makes it cute as if she’s ready to face this situation! Well done in amusing me that day and still smiling reading it now.

I agree with him a lot regarding this case. It’s about how euphemism blurs out the borders between what’s criminal and not. I made an article with this source as one of my arguments here. It’s a pretty bad article, honestly, but got featured on a campus magazine….



I like when someone randomly comment on my favourite artists.

An inside jokes tweet you probably need to Google it to understand what is meant.

He’s one of Gamespot’s senior editors. His twitter are interesting to read and this is no exception. He was talking about how a video game review supposed to be. His advice can also be implemented in other kinds of writing.

Hideki Kamiya replied me. He replies most of the tweets swarming his mentions, though. So this one is not a big deal to both of us. However, this is my treasure. Who knows I’ll be able to meet him in person later?


 A collection of quotes from my favourite series, Saiyuki. My love to this series is ridiculous. My online accounts are overwhelmed by Saiyuki stuffs; backgrounds, avatars, icons, randomly mentioned it at inappropriate threads, etc. Since Twitter is an active accounts this bookmark is inevitable.

Two famous people writing meta posts about wanting to write.

Another inside jokes that is horrifying if this happens for real.

Yeah, that maybe isn’t me but he does have the same birthday as me. I already got my reply earlier and was pessimistic to get another reply so I took this as saying birthday to me.

Cute Nakamaru Yuuichi graduation photo!

Convincing and realistic. His Twitter is filled with witty puns. This is by far my favourite.

Had to favourite this because I need to be constantly reminded to “the secrets of being this lucky” and that luckiness is nothing without hard work, joyfulness and someone to share with. Hint: I told you the secrets just now.

It’s not what, but how. Although this tweet throwing boring answer, it’s somehow sweet. It made me grin and questioned what was wrong with these guys.

There, some favourites of my favourites! If you happen to read this and find your tweet(s) mentioned here, please don’t delete yours! This list isn’t going to humiliate you or else. Instead, I thank you for entertaining me in a way you yourself don’t even realize.

Btw, the font in this editor is pretty cool.

(edit: wait what how to embed tweets here?)

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