On Games Replayability

Posted on September 5, 2014


A good game makes replayability an involuntary reaction.
When replaying the game becomes a chore, it is no longer fun.
When replaying the game becomes daily routine, hey, we have a winner over here.

I play some games over and over again.
And every time I play, I find new things during gameplay.

I think, after first playthrough,
We ought to implement save state option. So that gamers can play their favorite moments over and over again

or when save states becomes too “cheaty” (I do not know if that’s really a word or not)
implement save game every chapter. Implement unlimited save blocks. Let the gamers choose their favourite moments to play without putting them on chores.

As if we can open a book and read paragraphs randomly,
We can and should let players have the ability to open the game on random moments.
But make this option after second playthrough.

Here, the new idea to bring gamers experience games is offered.

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