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Posted on September 26, 2014


Suddenly, I have the urge to write my favourite websites on my early teenage life. It’s probably because there are so many media are being closed for good. Printed magazines, for example, are having tough situations right now. They all soon swift to online magazines. There will be no joy in flipping pages to read walkthroughs, sticking weekly video game posters and putting game calendars every half a year on my desk because HOTGAME does not print their editions anymore. Sadly, I think their production quality had improved since there was changes in the editor-in-chief in the latter years. I really like their latter layouts. And not long ago, ANIMONSTER, announced that they decided to stop their magz production. It has been hinted since early September and finally giving goodbyes yesterday. They’re giving out the latest editions for free until 1 October 2014. I never bought this magazine except that Slam Dunk edition. Yeah, I bought it because of the poster. I wonder in what state other printed hobby magazines are right now? Do they also struggle? Do they still receive enough income? Well, time will tell.

I was introduced to the internet life when I was in the fifth grade. I don’t really recall where I was connected to internet for the first time, probably in computer class. However, I remember my first internet cafe. It is actually an internet cafe for hotel guests but non hotel guests can also use the computers. Until now, the internet cafe still remains.

My second internet cafe was located near my junior high school. I needed to walk a bit to go there. In front of it, there was a game centre. Nowadays, both of them are not there anymore. Or, at least the game centre still survives, I don’t really remember it. But the second internet cafe has turned into a fashion store.

The third internet cafe was located exactly in front of my junior high school. It was softly opened when I was a sophomore. When it was new, the first month was 100% free for students. We used to race to go there after the school was over. The Fortune Goddess (?) favored them who had vacant hours before the class was over. The second month was 50% free and it did still get a full house. It has turned into a roasted chicken restaurant but still set some computers for the visitors to use. Although there were two internet cafes nearby, sometimes I still had to walk to that former internet cafe inside the hotel whenever the two were full. As you can see, my elementary and junior high school is quite nearby.

When I was senior high school, there were too many internet cafes to mention. But this one I’m going to tell is the most memorable one. It was actually not an internet cafe from the outside. But from the inside, there a few computers available for us students. I spent most of the time after school here, particularly when I was on second and third grade. I ever made a website here using Front Page 2003. I remember my best friends enrolled for college in this place, too. We are close to the owner until now. The internet cafe may be gone, but the place has become our favourite place to look for our computers ( buying laptops, modems, printers, accessories, maintenance, etc.)

That’s a lot for an introductory part (561 words) ! Wow, am I under some writing pundits’ influences as I type this? Well, straightforwardly, here are my favourite websites which I accessed during school times.

10. Friendster

Friendster Then

Friendster Then – source:

Friendster Now

Friendster Now

Why putting Friendster on the bottom list if that was the most often accessed websites? Simply because that’s too predictable. Always put the certain first. And this is not the list for most accessed websites. This is the list for most memorable websites. I only list websites which caught my mind whenever I am asked the question. Maybe, on the future I can link them to this post to answer their same questions! Nowadays, friendster isn’t a social media anymore. It is now web based games portal. Good, let them buried my emo phase.

9. Pimp-my-profile

Facebook Covers - Myspace Layouts - Twitter Backgrounds - Blogger Templates - Layouts for hi5, YouTube, Friendster -

The Title: Facebook Covers – Myspace Layouts – Twitter Backgrounds – Blogger Templates – Layouts for hi5, YouTube, Friendster –

One thing I regret for Friendster’s change is that I made several good layouts. I was unconsciously learned html and css everytime I edited my Friendster’s layout. My friends used to ask me to customise their layouts. They even gave me their usernames and passwords. Why they trusted me so much and why didn’t I try messing with their accounts and check their private messages is something beyond my reach. It must be me being a moral fags :p Anyway, this website sure is fun until now. I don’t know whether they update it or not because friendster doesn’t have the same layouts as before.

8. mIRC

Usual mIRC Conversation

Usual mIRC Conversation

Okay, this one is not a website but an internet application. Before Omegle, people use mIRC to chat with random strangers. A lot of my friends fell in love with this random stranger and decided to meet offline. Few of them had become lovers and more selected few ended up with marriage. It’s true! is the biggest IRC network thus became my favourite chatting network (other I frequently connected were and


Got a free time?

Got a free time?

This website is me and my lil sis’ favourite. We used to visit this website in school. In my lil sis’ school, the internet connection was slow and they blocked a lot of popular websites. It is a portal of web-based games. Our favourite section is “Berpakaian” which is a portal of many interesting dress-up games.


I believe the website still got many visitors.

I believe this website still got many visitors. is like today’s detikcom. It was our favourite news site in junior high school. There was a free email service within the website where you can sign up a free email. It’s now redirected to .

5. Blogthings

It's Quiz Time!

It’s Quiz Time!

Another trivial website I often visit. When I wanted to fill my Friendster profile with random facts, I usually took their quizzes. Then I would copy paste their html code to my profile section. Other website namely did provide widget thingy. Unfortunately, they’ve shutted down their service.

4. Geocities

Geocities Home Page (circa 1999) source:

How can I forget Geocities? I’m not, I’m just holding it up till now. This free web hosting gave me too much memories. My high school IT teacher once asked the students to build a website using free webhosting. Yeah, there were people who built theirs on tripod. Since Geocities had been closed in 2009, Oocities is the way to go if you want to rediscover Geocities’ front pages. Oneterabyteofkilobyteage archives the screenshots of the homepages in accordance with the Geocities research blog.

3. Cleverbot

Standard Greetings

Standard Greetings

Right now simsimi is very popular but before that, Cleverbot is the cleverest AI I’ve ever talked to. Forever alone? Feeling lonely but don’t have someone to talk to? Try talking with Cleverbot. It will get you everywhere. It’s a hit and miss actually and I will feel weary after a few lines. Nevertheless, I always back here again to chat with it.

2. Animelyrics

Still look similar to the old days

Still look similar to the old days

Before 2000’s, anime openings and endings were often translated to Indonesian in my national tv channels. After the rise of Japanese pop culture, many tv stations broadcasted anime with original songs. Some of them are very good and stuck in my head. But because they’re in Japanese I couldn’t sing along. So, I searched their lyrics and Animelyrics became my favourite source to satisfy my curiosity. Back in junior high school, the internet cafe’s service was very expensive so I write them quickly on my notebook. I still save those notebooks.

1. Gorillaz Official Website

As a virtual band, Gorillaz official website is very fascinating. The downside is that it takes a long time to load. So I would visit the site whenever the connection were fast enough. I like Gorillaz’ music but I like their website a lot more. We can navigate through their base and play minigames. My favourite minigame is arranging things to fit the briefcase, similar to Resident Evil 4’s inventory. For unknown reason, I cannot access the site right now. Better you guys check it yourself :p

Yeah, that’s about it. I feel good writing this blog entry. I’m looking forward to what these websites will become on the future.

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