Other Outlets

Posted on May 24, 2015


Hi, long time not blogging on this platform.

I still want to go back here and write one or two posts, but, apparently, honestly, other platforms and social media took my time away.

Well, first, a brief summary of my life.

Last post was September 2014, right? I finally finished my thesis on July 2014 and graduated on December 2014. September is my lucky month, it seems. It is my birthday month and on Sep 2014 my requirements to get diploma was finally completed. I have written more detail in this post.

With this post, I’d like to inform you, the readers, that I have more “outlets” to vent my writing needs. You can check most of my accounts online in this Webpage. My Skyrock blog is similar to this blog where I write opinions and so-on, but in mostly Indonesian (mixed with English, Javanese, and random gibberish). While you might noticed that I always write in such formal tone and too-systematic expressions, my other blog and my Tumblr have different kinds of interests.

Me and my friend also started a “Ludology Learner” blog. It covers about game studies. Oh, dear, I should write more posts there, too! Finally, my newest (re)writing blog is All Genre Texts, where I post articles sourced from all over the world. Most of them are public domain, can be used commercially, or from my own archives.

As a goodbye paragraph, I’d like to honorably mentioned Grooveshark, who had been “died” due to legal issue. That website brought me to new artists and song. I will miss video game tunes on that public music-tapes streaming site. So long, Grooveshark!

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