Greetings! You are now viewing this so-called e-warehouse stuffs (sorry, cannot find a better name). Well, the idea is to share all files that I find it useful to you all… (Hurrah! Free stuffs!) Uhm, actually the categorization is inspired from my upper semester friend, Mas Rizqi Arifuddin, as seen here in his blog. Please visit his blog once in a while, his writings are so insightful and academic.

Okay, as you can see, this page is divided into three more subcategories; My Works, Open Sources, and Virtual Library.

  • My works sub-page consists of my previous works in form of downloadable contents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, or maybe .txt I don’t know yet I assure you the list will keep growing.). All of these works shared here are completed works which means that they had been assigned and got marks. I will not share draft/ongoing papers, y know! My ideas might be stolen! *chuckle* However, I will probably revisit my works some time later to see if there is any paper worth to be further developed (for my own sake or other purposes). Feel free to download, use them as your supporting arguments, or else I don’t know; you know your stuffs. But please give me proper credits on your works as I do on references section on each of my papers. [More info about how to make references here]. If you find my papers lack of references, or you suspect me plagiarize something, please contact me and we shall have a discussion because most likely I did not do it intentionally.
  • Open Sources is my place to share tutorials, references, software etc. which I find beneficial to me (and hopefully you). It is kind of a public bookmark page focused on mostly academical things.
  • Virtual Library is self-explanatory. It consists of delicate links to free e-books, e-journals, and so on. I hope the list keep growing and growing. And no, as much as I can I will try to provide direct links not that ads links. Prepare your internet connection!
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