Virtual Library

The Virtual Library is a collection of full text e-books, journals and databases from various publishers and sources which can be accessed by RSC members at any time from any internet connected computer, laptop or other portable device.  [source]

A Note on Defamiliarization | Alan Wall | Literature, Theory, Approach, Russian Formalism

Advertising as Multilingual Communication | Hellen Kelly-Holmes | Linguistics, Communication Studies, Reference

Checklist and Sample Abstract | Unknown | Academic Skill, Theory, How-to

Critical Approaches to Literature | Unknown | Literature, Definitions, Reference

Culture, Power Asymmetries and Gender in Conflict Transformation | Diana Francis } Gender Studies, Reference, Book

Dictionary of Linguistics | Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi | Linguistics, Dictionary, Reference

Element of Semiology – Barthes | Roland Barthes | Semiology, Theory

Element of Semiology – Roland Barthes | Roland Barthes | Semiology, Theory

Gender Identity | Jan E. Stets and Peter J. Burke | Gender Studies, Paper

Gendered Work in Asian Cities | Ann Brooks | Gender Studies, Reference, Book

Genre Elements | Unknown | Literature, Film Studies, Definitions, Reference

How to Analyze A Poem | Vanier College | Literature, Poem, Theory, How-to

Jemina, The Mountain Girl | F. Scott Fitzgerald | Literature, Fiction, Prose, Short story

Lacan and Postfeminism | Elizabeth Wright | American Studies, Postfeminism, Theory

Mark Twain’s Social Darwinism | Sherwood Cummings | Literature, Theory, Approach, Social Darwinism

Modern Literary Theory Questions | Unknown | Literature, Question List

Polysystem Studies | Itamar Even-Zohar | Literature, Theory

Reading Between the Signs Workbook | Anna Mindess | Culture Studies, Reference

The Body as Medium and Metaphor | Hannah Westley | Literature, Theory, Approach, Textual Imagery

The Concept-Conception Distinction | Maite Ezcurdia | Philosophy, Theory

The Function of Imagery in War and Peace | James M. Curtis | Literature, Analysis, Fiction, Prose

The New Criticism | Rick Rylance | Literature, Theory, Approach, New Criticism

The Oxford Book of Short Stories | V. S. Pritchett | Literature, Book

The Platonic Concept of Love: The Symposium | Dr. David Naugle | Philosophy, Paper

Towards A Cultural Approach of Stylistics | Sonia Zyngier | Culture Studies, Stylistics, Paper

Video Game Characters and the Socialization of Gender Roles: Young People’s Perceptions Mirror Sexist Media Depictions | Karen E. Dill & Kathryn P. Thill | Popular Culture, Gender Studies, Media Studies, Video Game, Perception, Content analysis

Writing A Literary Analysis | Chesapeake College | Literature, Checklist/Questionnaire, How-to

PS: If there are dead links and you’d like to get the books, please leave a comment or message.

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