RE: Revelations 2 Has One of The Most Fun Local Co-op

Posted on October 5, 2015


Spoiler alert –

Well, well, it’s time to review a game again. I finally got a job… and… I bought a PlayStation 4 with my first few months wages… hha (bitter laughs). I don’t plan to buy all AAA titles obviously! I’m more than happy to own a few original games that I like even if I got it months after release.

In case with Resident Evil Revelations 2, I actually bought it last July 2015 and finished it a month later. It’s a somewhat solid installment for the series. Some aspects in RE: REV 1 like tighter corridors and raid mode’s options are missing. Overall, I like this game and consider it to be an RE game.


Because it is a freaking video game, I tend to view the gameplay first.  Story isn’t very important if the game is fun :p

The game:

In my opinion, the gameplay is good. However, it’s best played with a friend. I love the local coop soGODDAMITFUCKINGmuch!!!

In this game, Claire teams up with Moira and Barry with Natalie. Claire and Barry have the guns and acts like regular RE protagonists. Claire doesn’t have flashlight because Moira carries it. Barry has one because he carries it since the beginning. Natalie has cool abilities; she can detect monsters’ aura (and can throw bricks). The players must utilize their abilities to progress further in the game.

My personal favourite is when Barry and Natalie go to the sewer area. It feels like what local coop should do. I team up with my little sister and we had great fun there. Collectibles are also fun and encouraging to get because they lead to story notes and cool unlockables.

On the other hand, playing alone would be very difficult, especially when playing Barry’s chapters. Barry should switch with Natalie so very often because Barry cannot see the danger surrounds him. It might be challenging for some gamers, but I found it that the game isn’t recommended to be played alone.

The other complaint is that it doesn’t go full screen on split screen. There are so much empty space to preserve the ratio. It is a disadvantages for people who have small screens. My TV is 32 inches. Sometimes, it’s hard to read the super tiny screen texts.

The next, I don’t know whether this should be a complaint or not but some game aspects seem like it’s copying The Last of Us… The molotov throwing and the brick throwing are some of the most noticeable ones. Also, there are framerate dropping in some areas, especially in the forest. (I know this is fixed in the patches, but the game is fine to play without one.)

The DLCs:

I bought the retail BD that include 2 story DLCs, Raid Mode characters, and costumes. Two story DLCs, entitled The Struggle and Little Miss, have a bit different gameplays. In The Struggle, Moira teams up with Evgenny, a local survivor, in the event after Moira got separated with Claire in the laboratory. They must hunt for rations that act like continues for the game. When you die, the rations will be used as your continues. When your rations last, you must restart from the very beginning because your save game is erased. I like this mechanic and hope it can be implemented in further sequel (or new IPs coz RE isn’t gonna be forever).

Meanwhile, the second story DLC, Little Miss, is boring. Players can choose to be Natalie or Dark Natalie. This is set before the main story event to explain how Natalie got her sixth sense. Dark Natalie is invincible and act as a “mapper” for pure Natalie. Dark Natalie can go undetected, even when you throw your body to the monster. Therefore, you can predict monster’s movements and guide Natalie, the one who can do actions, to the desired place. I played as Natalie and it’s a yawn fest for me because I’m waiting my little sister to scout the place and plan the route for me. I didn’t see any good points so far…

Raid Mode:

As a Resident Evil game, there must be an arcade mode to annihilate zombies. Since The Mercenaries, I always waiting to try these modes. The Raid Mode in RE: Revelations 2 doesn’t disappoint. There are some options that are omitted from the first Revelation game, some are good, some are bad. However, the RPG elements are much more forgiving this time, making grinding for certain level is a more fun task to do.

The areas are so-so. It consists of areas in RE: REV, RE: REV 2, and RE 6. I had a lot of fun here beside obvious grinding to make monsters easier to beat. You can get achievements by playing as 10 levels’ lower that recommended level for extra challenge (read: for masochists).


The story is much more digestible than RE: REV. It feels like a Resident Evil story. Yeah, that B-Movie feel, that good B-Movie feel satisfies me. I don’t have any problems with this RE story. The notes are all good, the puzzles are decent (like the one on the cemetery), and the horror atmosphere is not bad, too.


Standard graphic. Nothing stunning on this department. I don’t worry much about graphic so I don’t give it extra attention.


Pretty basic. Nothing stands out to me, or because I’m accustomed to playing survival / action horror? I tried playing with English and Japanese dubs. The English one is much more better that the Japanese one, especially Moira’s voice. However, I do like Claire’s Japanese dub.

Verdict: 9/10

“Apaan tuh!?” (Barry Burton – Natalia Korda, Resident Evil: Revelations 2)


  • soFUCKINGAWESOMEawesome local co-op
  • the RPG elements don’t bore me when I need to grind skills
  • fun Raid Mode as usual
  • better “RE” story than RE: REV
  • The Struggle DLC
  • cool collectibles


  • Little Miss DLC
  • framedrops? but it still 99% playable
  • not for single player
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